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James Lawton-Hill, Head of Marketing at Brother UK,

discusses how technology is changing B2B marketing


James Lawton-Hill is Head of Marketing at Brother UK, leading the marketing team in developing and deploying national campaigns. He’s also known to put his strategic skills to work on the odd golf course and tennis court.  

How has technology changed B2B marketing?


It’s no longer about presenting clients with a one-size-fits-all PowerPoint slideshow. Everyday technology has pushed businesses beyond that so they can now be more relevant and competitive. And the fact is, most clients have come to expect this form of personalisation. When we think about how the latest mobiles, iPads and apps have made us all more connected and agile, it makes sense that people would want that when doing business too.


What’s been the impact of this shift on customer relationships?



In my experience, it’s made it easier for businesses to be more customer-centric which can go a long way to building better relationships. Sales teams, in particular, can use mobile devices to have more customer-led conversations to deliver more relevant information at the right time and place.

Our sales teams, for instance, use iPads and apps as their main selling tools. Whether they’re in a client meeting or a coffee shop, they can easily call up information to answer questions or showcase the products their customers are interested in. Technology lets them have that conversation almost anywhere, anytime –we call it ‘always-on selling’.


What sort of technology do you think will support ‘always-on selling’ in the future?


Devices and apps will keep evolving, but I think the focus for many businesses will be integration – putting the back-end infrastructure in place to deliver one seamless and integrated transaction.

And while mapping customer behaviour isn’t new, I think there will be a growing demand for new ways to track buyer journeys so businesses can become even more customer-centric, targeted and relevant.

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