Why would a technology company like Brother want to bring you content about other businesses?

Because there are no boundaries to smart working and enlightened thinking. We can only learn, and grow, by looking for inspiration wherever we can find it.

That's why we've designed Brother Spark. A hub for all kinds of interesting ideas, it's about telling other people's stories (and ours) by focusing on the business challenges they face, inspiration behind new ideas, fresh ways of working, and individuals who are disrupting and reshaping certain sectors.


The idea began with an observation: that businesses which are embracing change successfully - from start-ups to large corporations - tend to have two characteristics and one main behavior which set them apart. They are agile, they collaborate and they are digitising their processes, workforce and workplace to a far greater degree than ever before.


With this in mind, here at Brother Spark we'll be interviewing entrepreneurs, inventors, established business owners and anyone with a great story to tell - and sharing their endeavors with you.


We’ll also be highlighting technological advances that promise change across a variety of sectors and asking people how tech in any form has changed their working lives.


We hope you enjoy what we have to offer. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn to ensure you don’t miss out.