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Introducing the next generation OmniJoin™ v7

  • Ultra secure HD video communication
  • Single interface across desktop and mobile
  • Multiple device support for meetings anywhere


A more innovative way to communicate

Introducing OmniJoin™ v7

Improved look.  Intuitive experience. 
Our new and improved interfrace presents a cleaner, simpler and improved user experience for all
your online meetings.

Share more across a secure, reliable connection

OmniJoin boasts superior security features to keep your work confidential, either via the cloud or your own network (via 'Private Hybrid'). Plus intelligent HD video technology prevents connection issues.

Collaborate with anyone from anywhere

Ideal for sharing documents, spreadsheets and whiteboards, OmniJoin™ also allows you to mark up and edit your work together in real time.

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Web conferencing made easy

“OmniJoin simply paid for itself with the first use. Colleagues can now communicate and collaborate effectively, regardless of office location.”

Martin Coult, Altaterra IT Manager

Work side by side, wherever you are

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