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What is OmniJoin?

What is OmniJoin Live Contact List?

Where can I get OmniJoin Live Contact List?

Can I use OmniJoin on my Smartphone or Tablet?

What can I do with OmniJoin?

How are "share document", "share application" and "share PowerPoint" different from each other?

Can I check other members' presence?

Can I use OmniJoin from overseas?

What languages does OmniJoin support?

Does OmniJoin support full high definition (Full HD)?

Does OmniJoin support multiple monitors?

Can I share more than one file in a meeting?

Is there any restriction to the size of file that can be shared?

What types of files and browsers can I share?

Can I edit the shared files?

Can I limit attendees to use share functions or remote file access function?

Can I record the OmniJoin meeting?

Can I schedule a meeting in advance?

Can I use OmniJoin if I don't have a camera?

Is OmniJoin secure?

Can I video conference between the conference room and the desktop?