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ID Print

The effortless way to create a secure and reliable paper trail

Once a print leaves a device, it can quickly become unclear when it was made – or by whom. Brother ID Print solves this problem permanently by automatically generating a stamp of key details. Containing details such as usernames, times, dates and even customised messages, this stamp creates an instant and entirely transparent paper trail for your security and peace of mind.

ID Print is built into your printer’s driver – to enjoy the benefits, all you have to do is select ‘ID Print’ in the header and footer settings and decide what information should be stamped on each page. It really is that simple.

Features & Benefits

  • Be certain about who printed what, where and when
  • Decide what information should be stamped, and where
  • Ensure 100% responsibility for every printed page
  • Simplify your archiving and audit practices

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